• Outreach has grown from 30 children in 2001 to over 5000 underprivileged children and over 200 senior citizens at present.
  • We have sponsored more than 1500 children and provided them with books and uniforms as well as school fees for special cases.
  • Our development centres in Mumbai and Pune aimed at ensuring low drop-outs and success in examinations so the children could move onto the next grade, proved successful in their intent.
  • We encouraged public speaking, holistic development by having competitions and debates in English; thus removing the fear of speaking in English and promoting better language comprehension among these children
  • Social graces, morals and ethics are of prime importance in developing good human beings. We encourage and teach good manners, etiquette, habits and morals to ensure development of well rounded individuals.
  • We helped broaden the children’s outlook, perspective by exposing them to various art forms, music, painting as well as study tours and excursions to places of interest.
  • Health is the main concern for senior citizens. To help them deal with their medical problems, we had various medical camps and free OPD. We have conducted around 40 medical camps and workshops for senior citizens.
  • We have expanded our sphere of work to various locations in and around Mumbai as well and 2 villages near Lonavala.
  • During the Joy of giving program (2008-9 season) conducted by Give India, Peepal foundation was one of the NGOs that received maximum donations. The funds thus received were utilized to set up and run our development center at Vishrantwadi spanning 3 years.
  • In Samata School, Pune we constructed a water tank for pure, potable water for children and also constructed 4 new class rooms (total area measuring 2000 sq ft). We also helped develop a playground (total area measuring 3000 sq ft)
  • We helped put up 4 solar lights in two schools and one solar street light in the villages near Lonavala, to ensure children could study at night during acute power shortage.
  • We have conducted computer classes that have taught basics of computers to underprivileged children for whom this knowledge would have been inaccessible otherwise.
  • For physical development of children we provided sports equipment and also conduct various sports activities and organized competitions among them.
  • Several students have benefited by our intervention through the years.


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