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CEDE program or Child Education, Development & Empowerment, is Peepal Foundation’s attempt to re-instate values, morals and infuse a whole new spirit into young, impressionable minds with a view to creating confident and responsible global citizens.

After almost a year of preparation and planning, the CEDE program was finally launched on 1st Aug, 2013, for 2nd and 3rd grade students, in 17 schools (16 PMC and 1 private school) across 5 zonal areas within Pune city. The children in these schools come from the nearby slums and most of their parents are 'daily-wage' workers.

Prior to the launch, we had an intensive training sessions for our Change Managers who were recruited previously with careful deliberation. This included a comprehensive training on all CEDE modules as well as insight into methodology for implementation. The training covered modern educational techniques, trends and tools such as mind mapping, memory techniques, time management, soft skills, verbal and non-verbal communication as well as other valuable inputs. On the whole, the Change managers were given a view on the use of interactive methods of teaching and learning such a role-plays, games, audiovisuals, storytelling etc. The training for Change managers will continue at appropriate intervals throughout the school year.

We are already receiving a very encouraging response from the schools and the children as well as their parents about the effectiveness of the program and its methodology. In fact, some parents especially visited the schools to meet our Change Managers and offered their compliments, since they saw that their children were suddenly very excited about coming to school and studying.

The CEDE program is designed as a holistic approach. In view of this, we have proposed a "CEDE Student kit" to be handed out to each student as a part of the program. The kit would comprise a notebook, a hygiene set and a painting set.

Peepal Foundation is in need of sponsors for the said Students kits. For further details please email us at:
info@peepalfoundation.org OR call Roopa on - +91 9850090889

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Over the last few years our goal of lowering dropout rates through academic support being satisfactorily reached, we are now at the threshold of re-inventing our approach to ascend to the next level i.e holistic development of the child.

Our primary focus and the core of our activities has always revolved around CEDE which is the basis for our new intervention.


'CEDE' aims at holistic development of children by coaching them on a variety of aspects and developing their overall personality by empowering them with knowledge and work life skills.

One of our major thrust areas is enabling teachers with the right tools and modern teaching techniques through a variety of 'Teachers Training' workshops.

In addition to the above, the CEDE intervention focuses on regular 'Empowerment Workshops' for parents, school authorities and teachers as well as change managers and volunteers who are important enablers in this development process.

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