Future Plans

future plans

From the time we began 10 years ago, up until now, our programs have undergone tremendous metamorphoses in content as well as in involvement. But the aim has always been the same “Empowering the underprivileged”.

We are well aware that we have just created a ripple in the mighty ocean of troubles afflicting society. We aim to spawn a huge wave with our activities, a wave of action, spelling hope for the deprived and the ignored.

Short term goals:

  • To introduce “CEDE”, a comprehensive, holistic program for self-development as a separate module in schools. Phase I of the program would target children in the age group 7 to 12 yrs as an experimental pilot. The pilot will help in future expanded implementation and replication of this program as a self-sustaining module.
  • To undertake teacher training with a view to educate teachers about innovative and effective methods of classroom instruction that enhance learning and comprehension using new techniques and teaching aids.
  • To revive active intervention for senior citizens, by approaching various senior citizen groups in the city. To ensure that younger children gain from the vast knowledge bank of the older generation by bridging the generation gap through more interaction between them.
  • To keep up the free OPD service at Nagpur Chawl and introduce more such free OPDs in other areas with needy seniors, including health awareness camps in association with the Rotary club and other such organizations.
  • To organize workshops, rallies and other awareness programs for children, senior citizens as well as regular citizens aimed to educate, empower and enthuse them to action.
  • To conduct regular medical camps (eye, dental, physical checks) for children and elderly in association with Rotary club downtown.

Long term goals:

  • To make “CEDE” a self-sustaining model by empowering teachers to run the program within their school independently. To also include students upto age 16 under phase II and III of the module.
  • To make the “CEDE” model easy to adapt and implement in different schools anywhere across India.
  • To educate people about the importance of renewable energy, disseminate information in the form of workshops and awareness programs and encourage schools to adopt an eco-friendly structure and educate them about sources of renewable energy.
  • To broaden our outreach and spread awareness about our activities so that maximum beneficiaries are included in our sphere.
  • To ensure sustained growth and focus on our vision and work towards achieving intervention among AIDS afflicted, jail inmates and also poor patients in mental homes.
  • To have a day care centre/ activity centre for children as well as senior citizens to ensure interactions between them and promote a wholesome, family environment.


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