From the time we began 10 years ago, up until now, our programs have undergone tremendous metamorphoses in content as well as in involvement. But the aim has always been the same “Empowering the underprivileged”.

Vineet Kharat – President

Vineet Kharat – President

Vineet, primarily a media person, has been associated with social work for over 26 years with various NGOs working with children, youth and the elderly. Peepal Foundation is his brain-child and was founded in the year 2001 with the aim to reach out to the lesser privileged and empower them through various initiatives. Vineet has been associated with WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature), SPIC MACAY (Society for Promotion of Indian Classical Music and Culture), Eklavya Nyasa NGO (which works for the well-being of children of commercial sex workers, alcoholics and single parents), SSP (Sawayam Shikshan Prayog) working in the area of women empowerment, Mitra Foundation (promotes renewable energy and environment care)

Dr. Trupti Kharat – Vice President

Dr. Trupti Mehta – Vice President

Dr. Trupti Mehta, a doctor by profession and working with a leading hospital in Pune; has been involved with Peepal Foundation since its inception and also has been associated with SPIC MACAY to promote Indian Classical Music and Culture. She has actively conducted free OPD (Out Patient Services) at Sadhu Vaswani Mission for over 5 years.

Roopa Rampura – Treasurer & Secretary

Roopa Rampura – Treasurer & Secretary

Ms. Roopa Rampura, a multimedia specialist and philanthropist, has been associated with various causes viz. environment, girl child and child development. She is well-known in the NGO segment for her 'Development Centre' model for the under privileged children.

Vijaya Gangadhar - Member

Vijaya Gangadhar - Hon. Member

Ms. Vijaya Gangadhar, is a philanthropist involved with various community issues of women and children. She has been involved with different NGOs and self-help groups for developmental work.

Shailendra Yashwant – Member

Shailendra Yashwant – Hon. Member

Mr. Shailendra Yashwant, co-founder of Greenpeace India, is a renowned environment journalist and activist. He has been involved with Greenpeace on an international level. He is also the founder of Mitra Foundation, a Bangalore based NGO working in field of environment.

Shirish Kaulgud - Member

Shirish Kaulgud - Hon. Member

Mr. Shirish Kaulgud, a reputed businessman and owner of a leading IT company in Pune is well-known for his promotion of Art and Culture across Maharashtra. He has been a key resource and guiding force at SPIC MACAY Pune for last 2 decades. He is a honorary member with Peepal Foundation since inception.

Prashant Dhanurkar – Member

Prashant Dhanurkar – Hon. Member

Mr. Prashant Dhanurkar, an Insurance surveyor and social activist/ worker to the core....he has been an active participant with various mandals and member of Friends of Snake's Organization. He was also associated with WWF.


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